3 Teams That Should Try and Trade For Ezekiel Elliott?

August 22, 2019 · opinion

What's up nation really appreciate each and every last one of y'all. thank you all for tuning into this thing. I want to talk a little bit about Ezekiel the main man Elliot. There's a report out there, basically they're saying that hey if the Dallas Cowboys trade Ezekiel Elliot who should be the team that they dance with, and there's also saying that you know his trade value wouldn't be as high as we think. So you know we can go and play around with his information. But they said the number one team that the Dallas Cowboys should consider dancing or trading with is the Indianapolis Colts. Now I can tell you right now that the coats are already loaded with Martin Mack and of course Adrew Luck and you can put Ezekkeo Elliott in that backfield and oh my goodness, nasty! I don't think we will win out of that deal. Especcially, if you look at it from those angles, if Ezekiel can behave and he playing for the Indianapolis Colts, my goodness they'll be crazy! All right so now that's one team. And you think that the whole dynamics of the Indianapolis Colts and that will be they got the wide receivers they got the veteran quarterback, they got a good defensive minded coach, the coaching staff on the defensive side of the ball - I think they know Ezekiel Elliot so I think that would probably be a good deal for them.

Now the second team that they said that would be a good deal or a good place for Ezekiel Elliott will be, believe it or not the Seattle Seahawks. Now I wouldn't want to see that happen. those in the chat box I know you guys wouldn't want to see that happen. Those who are watching on Facebook I know you all wouldn't want to see that to happen. I wouldn't want to see that to happen. That would be nightmarish because now all of a sudden you replaced whatever the warrant kid whoever this name was I played for the Seattle Seahawks you replace him for Ezekiel Elliot or you keep him - it would be crazy. It will be flat-out crazy in a sense it's like giving them Super Bowl rings. Now you ultimately have a a better back out of easy Ezekiel than you had in Beast mode. I don't know if their defense is gonna be anywhere in the same ballpark but one can argue the fact that coaching is know how to give to people in the right places. They wouldn't mind seeing that in the backfield so those are things that you have to take into consideration as well. Now I will say this - Russell Wilson with number 21 in the backfield a plus the DK Metcalf who can take the top off the defense, big physical wide receiver, oh my goodness! Then the coach know how to really identify strengths and weaknesses with the players and you just kind of like giving them a Super Bowl at that point. It's Crazy! Especially I talked to you guys about what we going to get in return. That's the main thing what are we getting out of the deal? Because a lot of people look at it from both angles like what else we gonna get?

The third team will be the only logical team that I would say that the Dallas Cowboys should dance around if they go into this hypothetical world. Third team would be the San Francisco 49ers. They said that they would benefit by trading for Ezekel Elliott and they got a young quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo who needs help as we all know. And then you have a young coach who needs some type of solid running game to solidify what they can do out there on the field so, it could be quite possible that that will be the only angle those three teams. Like I said the team that I definitely wouldn't want the Dallas Cowboys trading Ezekiel into is of course the Indianapolis colts or the Seattle Seahawks.

Now, what they say far as compensation believe it or not they say that you probably won't get no more than a third-round draft pick because off the field issues and of course as well as the value of the overall running back. They said it diminish more than any other asset that you have on your team. now I would call that full BS yes you know what I mean? If I dealt with all of the headaches that Ezekiel brought to the table and all of the Sun shines and rainbows as well, I want me a first-round draft pick! I'm greedy! I would not even talk to anybody, I would rather not pay easy Ezekel Elliot if you don't want to play and then just release him after the two years. As a matter of fact, I would do something so screwed that I would even franchise him just in case if anybody go up and pick him - he got two years he got the one year in franchise actually you can franchise in two years row. So I would rather go that route then to get rid of Ezekiel in for a third round draft pick. I would not let Ezekiel Elliott leave this Dallas Cowboys organization for third round draft pick. Remember I say this all the time - teams do not give Jerry Jones any groundbreaking deals. They don't! they low-key hate Jerry Jones. Name me a time where on the trade situation we won. We always have to give up some valuable assets even with Amari Cooper. I believe that Amari Cooper were to get traded to anybody else last year, it wouldn't have been a first-round draft pick. Just like the Seattle Seahawks with Earl Thomas they said okay we want two first-round draft picks. If any other team showed interest if Earl Thomas wanted to see interest and any other team, it wouldn't have been a first-round draft pick. I think they were really proud they got rid of him especially guys from under that contract with a third round draft pick. But since the Dallas Cowboys had their name in a hat, everything went up. And think about this - nobody want to be like Minnesota back in the early nineties, the late 80s. Dallas Cowboys did that groundbreaking trade nobody want to say okay we were the team they gave Jerry Jones back his life. Nobody want to be that bird no more so I think you that a lot of times we look at this thing and we're saying man it is flat-out crazy to even think about trading Ezekiel Elliot. And all you got to do is just reach in your pocket and pay the man. But I can see the angles in the arguments especially if they take everything personally. The ease of the situation is not as relaxed as it should be and now I'm saying is you know she's speaking in a hypothetical world, and I'll try to find that link post it in the description box below.

And now they make a speculations over who and and where they should trade Ezekiel Elliott to - it's crazy! Let me know your thoughts let me know your opinions how you guys feel about this Ezekiel Elliott matter. Would you like for him to stay on his Cowboys team for life which is gonna be kind of hard to do, or would you rather try to trade him around and what kind of value you think you can get from Ezekiel Elliot because two first round draft picks and a possible third will be delight in the dream goal. Or you think that they gonna trade them for third-round draft pick straight up? Let me know your thoughts. Or you just don't trade the man at all you just pay the man. Now I'm always on record of saying this right here with Ezekiel Elliot - I don't think that Ezekiel Elliot it makes it to his third contract. I don't think he would make it to a third contract. So right now this is all of the butter that you get so of course, the guy want to get paid the highest of the highest money.

But I will say this too - when you're going out there seeking money like that and you already on a team that's gonna be able to provide you things that goes beyond football, you gotta be able to count your losses. I look at it from this aspect of it - when you play for the Dallas Cowboys you get other deals that go unforeseen. But when you go play for Seattle Seahawks or when you go play for the Indianapolis Colts but when you go play for the 49ers you're not gonna get those chances and opportunities. So Ezekiel Elliott best move would always be to stay with the Dallas Cowboys, see if they can work something out and see if they can get that deal done. That will be his best move because then he can revamp himself and then say to himself hey I'm resigning I'm a new guy you see and I think that whatever happened to me in the past. I'm going to be able now to stay focus on football and get this chatter not just chatter but get this ring and also let people know that I'm the best running back and the NFL. That will be what I would do cowboy nation.

I want to know your thoughts again let me know how you guys feel about this thing, oh also I have to say this for Dak Prescott - when they put up these stats of Dak Prescott that's nothing wrong with stats we love Dak Prescott but they failed to realize that rushing touchdown matters too! Look we need to have a campaign that says rushing touchdown counts too! The guy got 18 rushing touchdown everywhere we go and we pull up stats they forget they fail to realize. So if you on the side that says those touchdowns don't count, the next time the Dak Prescott runs it in for a rushing touchdown - don't cheer! Sit back and be mad and be grumpy. I just had to bring it up because my guy hit me up with a little picture and I might post it up here and he was saying that okay who's better you know, and they leave out the rushing touchdown like those points don't count. thats 18 touchdowns if I do two quick math 18 x 6 that's 108 points. All right cowboy nation really appreciate you all don't forget to hit that like button share this content let a friend neighbor foe know where to go when they want to tune in to the cowboy sports tote that's been my time I really thank you all for yours and remember you're listening to nothing but the best salute I'm out peace