A quick look at Jaylon Smith Closing Speed

August 21, 2019 · Analysis

alright let's look at some family gonna take a look at Jaylon Smith his clothes and speed and of course lpe drops back into his dance and then on top of that he sees the route that the running back or whoever caught the ball in the flat and what you will see here is that they chase to the ball like no other these two tandem right here maybe the best in the NFL I'm talking about lve and Jalen look how he keep his eyes down the field that is important and the communication that they got with each other is fantastic as well look he didn't pursuit he didn't slide off onto the tight end he continued to look at the eyes of the quarterback and was able to pursuit to the ball and chase that's what we want to see and cowboy nation I'm gonna tell you shout out to Jaylin Smith I just had to do this quick video to let everybody can understand you're gonna throw the ball underneath against the Dallas Cowboys tremendous athleticism at that linebacker position you can see both clothes on the on the play right here to make the tackle well what a combination to leading tacklers for the Cowboys last year sets up a 3rd and 5 for the Rams Jaylon Smith has really emerged as a leader on that defense I just want to be able to point out the fact that Jada Smith is that leader now and he's gonna be able to do a lot and a lot and a lot more for this defense that's been my time I really thank you all for yours and remember you're listening to nothing but the bass salute I'm out peace you [Music]