PFF Ranks Dak Prescott As Tier 3, 17th Overall Quarterback

August 22, 2019 · opinion

All right cowboy nation really appreciate you all. Why not talk Dak right why not talk Dak Prescott because he's ranked according to, I guess these people out here that's ranking quarterbacks 17th overall. And the compelling argument is that he's you don't throw the ball down the field, he's average at best did a whole topic on I guess Cowboys undisputed you guys know how they go. My thing is it's okay it's okay for us to feel that way collectively against certain stations they'd like to bring out the fact that that risk I can't do this I can do that and it's already reported that he might get thirty six million dollars APY annual per year that's probably projected.

This thing is with that Prescott even looking back through his collegiate career and before then even in high school, he always overcame. There's always an obstacle that he had to overcome. And my thing gets with the Dallas Cowboys we can look at it from one aspect of it and say well you don't throw the best balls in the world right, he's not a Tony Romo. Nor he's a Troy. Now although his stats and numbers all says otherwise could they very very comparable, and I do know that everybody throw at the fact that this is a  happy league and by him not being able to pass at a certain caliber of level, then we won't win games. but won't win the biggest game.But I have to remind a lot of people that Kirk Cousins can make every throw known to man. So you're really thinking that just because he can make the throws that all of a sudden, the lightbulb is gonna click on and now he's gonna go to the Super Bowl and win it? it don't work that way. And then one can argue the fact that they can say well there's team that's not loaded. Those are lies. The Minnesota Vikings were loaded! Go back to talk about Jimmy Garoppolo. I mean did the whole entire media the narrative all he's just trying to get readjusted after his injury. My thins is he's supposed to be accurate supposed to be accurate. Either you got over you don't. And we can go back and talk about the other quarterbacks like I've been seeing a lot of people tell my hey we wanna Fitz we want we want this guy, must've got it played for the Buccaneers, Fitzpatrick or something like that he had a spurts a game and they called him Fitz magic. Now one thing I can't give people. I can give them the truth with the Pat Mahomes of the world. I really like his skill set and I do like Watson on the Texas. Those guys are ballers. I'm not even gonna lie. But still football itself and as high as peak in as high as total, you got to understand you got to win games. Do you think that Tom Brady can make every throw an NFL? Do you think that Tom Brady arm is far superior in Aaron Rodgers? No! Now his team you know you have a great coach ahead of him. And his team have always been in a solid team especially on the defensive side of the ball. Now what I'm saying is stop looking for the flash in the pan and like what we have right now, because at some point you don't want to bring in the Brandon Weedens so the world the Matt Cassel, you don't want those boys back out there in the field and it's not a given that the quarterback that you draft is gonna be able to take you to the high high high marks. Look everybody's how Kyler Murray. Can you see him under the center? Do you see the talks of Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, whatever his name is, raving about those quarterbacks? They don't. because they don't win. And those were first round draft picks. So what I'm saying is that just because he's ranked at 17 and it don't look good on the score sheet it don't look good so you can walk around and tell everybody hey my quarterback is top five but my quarterback is top ten. Don't let that fool you because half of those quarterbacks that's ranked ahead of him dak Prescott beat them out. You can't name me a time to Kirk Cousins won a game against Dak Prescott. You can't name the time last year that even in the loss with Russell Wilson the first time, it just like his stats wasn't like Barbour superior that Prescott versus a Russell Wilson.

So we got a look at the full entree, stop looking at pieces of the food that's on the plate. Look at the full entree. But you know what cowboy fans do. They treat this Dallas Cowboys thing like a like a buffet. The haters I'm talking to the haters. They pick and choose what type of food they like and then they throw the ones away. I don't eat that I don't want to eat that. Oh but I'm gonna eat this particular stat. When it's fitting their narrative when it's fitting their conversation and then you can see as well as with the Dak Prescott apologists. You only look at one side of it, but they don't look at them complete picture. And the complete picture says that Dak Prescott is a winner. Is he great? no he's good but he's trying to elevate himself to being great. What does it take to be great? It takes time. Nobody is born on his earth with all of the talent. it takes absolute time. And all you got to do cowboy nation is give this brother some time.

I have to say this until I until I'm old and gray: Dak Prescott with this team is one hell of a bargain, because I gave the analogy already with the carson wentz versus Dak Prescott. I already said that hey just because you got the Ferrari just because you got the Lambo and you can't afford the maintenance or you're scared to drive it around town you see what I'm saying. Because of the pricing of the parts and everything is so high-maintenance. But with that Prescott he's valuable because on Sunday he's there on Monday he's there on Thursday he's there and even if you had a play on a Saturday because sometimes we'll play a game on a Saturday towards the latter part of the season - HE'S THERE. So those are things that we have to understand cowboy nation. Don't get all twisted with the stats but keep this one main stat on your mind. Winning games. And then on top of that when your number is called, can he turn things around and win it for you? Those 13 to 14 comebacks are remarkable! It's something special too, talking about the game winning comeback so what have you. Those are things and I'm not trying to say - hey I'm a Dak Prescott apologies there are things that he's still working on, and I'll be foolish to say otherwise. I think that the kid is still working. I think that now we have some suitable weapons around him. Shout out to a Amari Cooper shout out to Michael gallo. Those boys man, so you look at the total picture we can say to ourselves Dak Prescott this year, going into his fourth - we got the running back situation it's gonna be ironed out it's going to be ironed out. I really feel if you look back at the LA Rams game, old reliable who was still trying to find ways to get that first down on third downs I like that. I like the fact that Tony Pollard can catch the ball out of the back field I love it. So even if and when Ezekiel Elliott comes back, man this thing is gonna be lights out.

Now I will say this as a disclaimer - it seems to me that Ezekiel Elliott may have to find a way to have an open line of communication with Jerry Jones. Have a sit down no cameras just we've got old Johnnie Walker Blue whatever the drinks of choice is, and just talk. Let this stuff be non personal and say "hey what do you want out of your contract"? Because I know that you want Todd Gurley's money which you deserve more. But at the end of the day if you trust me I got you. Name me a guy that Jerry Jones railroaded. You can't find five guys that he did that to, especially when they're his star players. Ezekiel Elliot, he's in the wheelhouse of being that star guy. So what I'm saying is collectively and I hope that all this stuff of finger-pointing here and finger-pointing there goes away. Because think about it when you point the finger you got three pointing back at you. And everybody have reasonings but results are what matter. And of course Ezekiel Elliott put the note of being a result type guy for the first three years he played with the silver and blue all over his body, but what we really need to see now Ezekiel - his dad Hank - seal your lips, put on that silver blue, come back out there so that everybody can understand that we are a team. We supposed to be like a knot in a rope. If you took a knot in a rope and when forces pull on both sides but they're not does it get stronger, tension gets tighter. So that's how this team's supposed to be able to be built like that knot on the rope. If they work together they become stronger and the tension becomes better. All right cowboy nation I have made it to my destination I really appreciate you all thank you all for tuning.  I want to say this check out the website. - and I got tons of information there we're gonna be talking back and forth that's where you can just have one stop shop you don't have to go to multiple platforms now everything will be on that website from what I do. I really appreciate you all thank you guys for growing the nation and and I'll post all the information in the description box. Really really really do appreciate you guys, give me your thoughts! let me know if your feedbacks of that Prescott the Amari Cooper the Jalen's milf actually as well as Ezekiel the main man Elliot that's been my time I really thank you all for yours and remember you're listening to nothing but the best salute I'm out peace