The Dallas Cowboys Jaylon Smith Contract Crazy or Creative???

August 21, 2019 · opinion

All right what's up nation really appreciate you all thank you all for being back and part of this thing. I gotta talk a little bit about opportunity and opportunity cost and what is your main goal in life. Jaylon Smith contract speaks everything as relates to opportunity. Meaning that he had his side business or business going around, he's selling glasses  "Clear Eye View" shout out to them. And then on top of that you have a cryotherapy business. Now a lot of people look at Jaylon Smith contract and they say well you know if he does set out a year he would at least had 16 to 17 million because Bobby Wagner got an $18 million contract I think 75 or something like that 70 million guaranteed and based upon or predicated upon Jaylon Smith numbers he would have been in it somewhere close to that ballpark. But I remind a lot of people that TB12 or Tom Brady number 12 for the New England Patriots he had side business. Although his wife is a multi multi-millionaire close to fetch and red and a Bbillionaire almost however and they can allocate allotted all the resources there but what I want to say is this collectively Cowboy Nation is that when you play in a National Football League, football players gotta realize and understand that you gotta use leverage. Meaning that you can't count get all your money or use all your money just for the NFL you were receiving all your money from them. Remuneration got to come from somewhere else. Now what I want to say this is that with TB12 Tom Brady was selling his merchandise on the stadium or on the ground or wherever they play at in Boston land he was he knew how to sell his merch and also get paid a lot less than his rest and his contemporaries so if you look at everything from A to Z, I would say it's real business practice because the salary cap cripples a lot of people. It hurts a lot of teams but Tom Brady know that hey in order for me to win, I have to be able to make sacrifices. Now we can call them the cheats we call them Bill bella-cheat and all this stuff but they win. And I think that that blueprint out there it's basically what Jaylon Smith is doing. And I a couple that other players can grab hold to this because salary cap is screwed and it's a horrible situation because what they tell you in that because that regardless of how great you are, we have to pay you only a certain amount of money if not we have to let you go. Now I would say this the NFL needs to revamp the salary cap because I think the teams that draft well should not be punished. I think that teams that drafted a player should get some type of discount or not saying they should not be able to pay the person but the discount going away from the salary cap meaning that for example, Byron Jones shouldn't count 100% against the cap. Byron Jones based on the fact that we drafted him to only count forty percent of his forty percent against the cap far as whatever money we pay that money only counts forty percent against the cap, but that's the story of the day. When you start drafting well you get these type of issues we started so that good players go and that's just the hard reality of it because you can't pay everybody. Sometimes some teams will be sitting on money and you were think that that's the market value but no some top team is just sitting on money. I heard people say hey let Dak Prescott test the market you know what happened when somebody will say hey Dallas Cowboys may not like a thirteen and three seasons nine and seven season and 10-6 season but hell our franchise would love to have something like that and we can probably go down the list of franchises who have yet to won nine games consecutively or or eight and eight games consecutively or always been in the bottom half of the the league as relates to wins.But neither here nor there.

My thing is - is it crazy or is it creative? I want you guys thoughts and opinions on that is it crazy words easily because I could argue this right here combinations the Union the players union is terrible is trash. Because when a player takes less money than what the market value shows, he gives room for the NFL PA and say "hey hold on man don't you know your value?" But on the same side you can look at the NFLPA and say hey you guys are not consistent in representing us. You had the NFL to suspend that guy for six games. You didn't step up! You let you allowed the NFL to ends and return to suspend another guy for the two games with the same egregious things you see no time I guess whatever to kicker name with one game whatever it was for the Giants. So the NFL PA they need to get chin check as well you know because especially with the crazy testing, you you would think that the NFL PA will make a public statement with Robert Quinn and say "hey my or our players that's under the Union here should not be scrutinizing these type of lights and I think that the NFL should not suspend it" they should make some type of grandstand but no the NFLPA just fall back into the fold. They only take on certain issues that appease is their agenda what have you, and that's the story every different day. I think that a lot of time the NFLPA is a money grab whoever in the high high executive suites they get money whatever the dues are they is taking that money kinda like a HOA you know kind of like some other unions out there that their formulations they just taking the money. So I think is the opportunity is there for players they shouldn't solely count on NFL revenue they should think outside the box they shall open up an Eye-Glass Planet they should open up a shoe store or they should open up a new businesses they can grow or investment make some good investment that makes me crazy investment but think outside the box understand the market that they go into especially the team that they play for. Leverage that particular market and there's a lot of money out there for especially NFL players think about this - Im just gonna use Jaylon Smith again. Can you imagine if Jaden Smith had a YouTube page? he start talking about film breakdown film situation don't you guys know that you have 300,000 subscribers and if although 300,000 subscribers give him $1 that's $300,000 they can put towards it. And I know this chump change to them but at $300,000 over a span of year whatever it may be. He can put back into this community put back into other investments and then on top of that there's no salary cap as relates to that. And then there's other opportunities for him to be able to utilize those resources down the line once he retired. You see so I think that these super super athletes out here whether it be basketball hockey or soccer, they really need to invest in other things outside of the organization. Now there are some brilliant and bright players out there that they've managed to know how to do that, what I'm saying is there need to be a format that can be rolled out where it's less not about high risk but a high reward type of situation social media talk is a high reward you can talk about look there's a video out there that people just boiling water I can't make this stuff up you got over a million views boiling water. There's the big guy out there that's all he does is chug stuff. Chugging chugging soda and chugging milk you know so and got millions of followers just by chugging water and chugging milk.  You don't have to do anything crazy but what I'm saying is there is a community out there for a lot of people and I'm thinking that with the NFL man, your influence powers just what NFL players your influence power is far beyond what any team can say okay this is what you've worked. I mean there's so many things I get offers every day and I'm only got like a little over 30,000 subscribers. Get offers every day on my email hey check this product out oh can you do a review on this product and I have to turn that most of them because it's not the flow in the format of my channel. but I'm telling you guys with with Jalen Smith's of the world we're even Ezekil and Dak Prescott, they have to think outside the box like Jalyen Smith. Think outside the box formulate your own business figure out ways to capitalize off of that execute especially when you got a guy named Jerry Jones who's a billionaire who's willing to invest in you. That's crazy cowboy nation! It is flat-out crazy because I can actually see players now taking the Jaylon Smith route. Not being selfish not saying that hey I want to be the highest-paid linebacker in the world. Knowing that that on it will last what a couple of months, maybe a year maybe. And that contract is null and void because somebody else is going to get paid whole bunch more when they do the numbers and a salary cap increasing. So I'm thinking that with the ego situation with these players on some of them not them they're not speaking to all of them I'm only speaking collectively, is that don't spoil your dreams over three to four million dollars or a few million dollars. Meaning that you can now figure out ways Cowboy Nation those who watch them from from abroad you can figure out other ways to make resources and money. Look I'm gonna be real and I'm gonna be real real real one more time. Made it to my destination. Imma be real hear me out cowboy nation: Ezekiel Elliott if you want to be the highest-paid running back of all time that's cool. But how long would that last? All I'm saying is just like what Jaylen Smith is from what eleven to twelve million dollars opposed to he could make what seventeen to eighteen million dollars that would have forced Dallas Cowboys to cut another player move some other resources elsewhere to get him seventeen to eighteen million dollar seventy five million guaranteed if you wanted that type of contract. No and then that would also mean it that hey we cannot afford to pay that so we're gonna move you off to another market. What other markets is better right now in the Dallas Market? You can argue and say well hey to LA charges in the LA whatever the other la I guess the Vegas Raiders in the LA rams that market right there will be pretty cool. But the marketability of the Dallas Cowboys trump those markets you see, its higher. So what I'm saying is collectively these players gotta understand that let me use my leverage let me use my likeness let me use my brand my own personal brand since I'm not able to do it on the field then we start creating other things that I can better support me and my family generations to come. Because now I can say this with wholeheartedly say this that eleven to twelve or thirteen close to thirteen million that Jaylon Smith makes marketable it's gonna be far beyond the amount of money that Bobby Wagner can do up there and since was this Seattle.  Just do the math cowboy nation that's been my time and I know I know before I go y'all post your thoughts about that do do to post your concerns about that. But let me know would you rather play in Seattle, Washington would you rather play in Dallas Cowboys? Would you rather have the market arm of a Jerry Jones or whoever the owner down there or up there in Seattle? Let me know that's been my time I really thank you all for yours and remember you're listening to nothing but the best! Salute I'm out peace!