Why It's Wrong to Compare Emmitt Smith 1993 Situation to Ezekiel Elliott & Melvin Gordon

August 22, 2019 · ezekiel elliot

Alright nation really appreciate each and every last one of your old thank you all for tuning in. Now there's so much news out there as it relates to the Emmitt Smith contract. His first time a lot of people thought that he held out. Actually he said he fulfilled his contract he actually said to everybody - it's two different situations a lot of people like to put things into the box Of course of course we talk propaganda right? So what he did was actually he fulfilled his contract, and he was out of a contract and he wanted to maximize amount of money that Jerry Jones supposed to do. So that's what happened let's play that clip right now:

"so you cannot compare him to me. So we got different things. Eeverybody want to compare somebody to this and that to try and draw their own conclusion. Which is false. There's nothing similar by my situation nor Zeke's situation nor it Melvin Gordon situations is nothing similar about it. So you can't compare the two. Although the press would love to! But the reality, all I'm gonna say to you is this. As a press member - go do your research. Contractual situation versus my situation. If you really dug deep okay and unsigned. Thank you thank you. Please go do your research go do your study you'll find that the hemisphere would never hold out although the propaganda would say I was a little doubt the reality of the fact is my contract was fully fulfilled poorly fulfilled right and I was negotiating. I wasn't holding out I was negotiating so y-you would label me as a holder so that's why the business the differences are completely different completely different."

Alright so now that everybody got the education for the nation now we can go back and start talking about things on how this team can just work out this particular contract with Ezekiel Elliot. Now I did my previous video a lot of people thinking that "law are you talking about trading Ezekiel Elliot?" - go back and listen because I was talking about the article that was out there. They were saying that hey it may be a situation where is the Dallas Cowboys may not get nothing more than a third-round draft pick. How are we to refute the fact that that's foolish because I'm thinking with this Ezekiel Elliott. I think the Dallas Cowboys should at least sign him for the second contract. And I'm thinking as well is that he will be ready week 1 week 2 week 3 and beyond. This team is so close, this team is extremely close to winning it all and all they got to do is put everything in place. Now I do hear a lot of people talking about Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper remember the pie - Jerry Jones didn't say the pie is all gone he said that there is gonna be a smaller pieces for the pie, but I'm thinking that there's enough pie in the sky for everybody right, so I'm thinking with my limited knowledge of information for the nation, I'm thinking - that everybody's pointing inside. This is just all propaganda remembered the propaganda aspect of it. then on top of that even if we go back to when Emmit Smith didn't play the first two games of I guess 1993 whatever year it was, we have a better backup running back than that guy. So don't get all upset cowboy nation this is the natural flavor of life. The Dallas Cowboys we in everybody news we and everybody feed but the reality of it is that as long as we continue to do the things that we're doing then everything will be okay.

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