The Dallas Cowboys signing Jaylon Smith to a long-term extension

August 21, 2019 · news

finally finally finally I don't know about you all but I'm extremely happy about Jaylon Smith new contract I don't have the details just stick around hopefully somebody to a post out the numbers I don't care if they sign is brother for freeze cup they got him on a team they signed him they extended him look Jamie Smith said that hey I wanna be a cowboy player for the rest of my life and the press conference is gonna be around 4:30 today I want you guys to tune it is another player to sign as well Mike Fischer already reported shut up to him go father his YouTube page he already reported that Amari Cooper pain tolerance level was a whole lot easier now opposed to what it was two or three weeks ago so he said from a scale of one to ten he's on the pain tolerance level of three so that's good news with Amari Cooper I've been telling people all offseason that deadline makes deals and my thing is with Jaden Smith we look at his overall skill set and we'll say to ourselves man we need to go ahead and decide his brother because of the for what his remarkable story right we got a look at his story see a lot of people fail to realize that doctors wrote him off other scalps and other players and these sorts of things wrote him off but Jalen he said he had faked even if it's the size of a mustard seed he continued to grind man shout out to him he got his own business on the side as well something to do with like muscle recovery and injury recovery you see guys there's a lesson in every blessing so I'm extremely i'ma tell you this good I'm extremely excited I want to know your thoughts on Jaden Smith as well who will be the next guy to sign because a lot of times people always pay attention to other players money but I like Jaden Smith because he said you know what I know for sure that I'm put in this place for a reason and I'm gonna put everything that I have on the line I have strong faith in myself confidence strong gratulations and my overall skill said and I know that hey I had a setback but my setback was set up for my comeback and his comeback was just like that and just like I tell everybody if you fall try to land on your back because if you can look up you can get up man I'm telling you so James Smith he's that guy dad I'm gonna tell you guys again just I mean just just just a nice overall guy and I'm just so excited for if you guys are excited for him as well just post me your thoughts I really want to know your decisions on or concerns of Jaden Smith contract as well because in my opinion this was the best news I heard today so far it could be some more news all together now there are reports of Ezekiel Elias actual pictures of him getting onto the plane heading out and landing on Cabo and things like that but I got a picture of him secured his spot in Cabo I'm walking to whatever spider he had the train and maybe you guys you know it gets hair braided up shout out to Ezekiel Elliott like I said cowboy nation it could be a case in a scenario where zzq Ellie aside some time before you know week one and everything else would just be all hooked on the rug everybody looking at Jerry John said man he's the master salesman you know the boy know how to say you moon you not to say to moon and say hey the moon is made of cheese you pull around and buy all of this stuff to get to the moon you realize that's right that's Terry Johnson that's his ability to sell you things but it is what it is shout-out to Jaden Smith man I really really really really really really really really really really appreciate your services for the cowboy nation man that's been my time I really thank you all for yours and remember you're listening to nothing but the best salute I'm out peace let's go cowboy nation there my guy jaylen y'all see him hitting the bags over there y'all see them boys a monster monster [Laughter] jaylen